The blessings of a day off during the week

I looked at the weather report Tuesday morning and saw it was going to be a beautiful day and rain was coming this weekend, so I decided to take Tuesday off and get some things done around home. When you work off the farm during the week, Saturdays are the only day you can get some things done, especially in the winter months with the shorter days. I wanted to get one main thing done: complete a new water line from the Read More

Maybe one day…

I am extremely blessed to have a job I like and one that let’s me try new things. I have worked for the South Carolina fire service since 2001 and have met many wonderful people from across the state. However, farming is in my blood. We live on family property that my grandfather and great-grandfather farmed. Looking back 20 years, if I had know then what I know now, things might have turned out different. But I don’t spend time Read More

A productive week at Triple J

Several years ago, I started taking off about two weeks at Christmas time, and every year since I look forward to that time and seek to make the most of it.  Last year, I finished clearing an overgrown fence line down the dirt road past my parent’s house to have more pasture for our cows. After clearing it, I installed a new barbed-wire fence (I usually try to save major fence work and brush clearing for winter months).  This year Read More

Why should everyone farm something?

Why do I say that?  First and foremost, I think farming teaches responsibility.  Not everyone will be able to raise larger livestock like cows, but most folks can find something to farm.  Whether it is planting a small garden in raised beds in the middle of the city (yes that’s possible and easy to do), or fencing in a couple acres and raising milk goats, you can find a way to farm something.  Don’t let the circumstances stand in your Read More

Welcome to Farm Family SC

I have always wanted to farm. We lived on about 30 acres, and I knew we needed to “do” something with it. At one point, my dad suggested planting pine trees, but I have seen too many nice fields and pastures get turned into pine plantations and I didn’t want that. I decided to get some cows. I grew up with cows all around the house, and many neighbors have cows.  So starting in late 2007 I began designing, in Read More