A productive week at Triple J

Several years ago, I started taking off about two weeks at Christmas time, and every year since I look forward to that time and seek to make the most of it.  Last year, I finished clearing an overgrown fence line down the dirt road past my parent’s house to have more pasture for our cows. After clearing it, I installed a new barbed-wire fence (I usually try to save major fence work and brush clearing for winter months).  This year Read More

New projects at Triple J for 2015

We have several new things planned for Triple J Farm in 2015. I just finished building our first chicken tractor, and can’t wait to purchase and raise our first broilers. I also plan to raise turkeys (seasonal item) for purchase at Thanksgiving and Christmas (I will be taking orders for local pick-up).  I am a “slow and steady” kind of guy so this first round will be more of learning experience.  I plan to start with 25 broilers so I Read More