Samuel says we have a roller coaster in the pasture

Maybe we do, but you can see for yourself in our latest YouTube video. We are getting some questions about our beef and pig shares for 2020. Make sure you are on our email list so you won’t miss out! Sign up over here >>> Like, comment, subscribe…and enjoy!

We believe

We believe that all life on the earth was created with purpose and design. Therefore, we believe that human beings have a moral and ethical responsibility when it comes to the food they eat. That’s why we farm the way we do and as a result, we eat meat with a clear conscience knowing that we honored the animal during its life and in its death. We bow our heads before each meal, and we thank our Father in Heaven Read More

Why do you go to work everyday?

Guest post by Emma Grace Pope (age 12)  Why do you go to work everyday? Is it for the paycheck? Is it so you’ll look good among others? Or maybe it’s because you just really like working. Recently I was in a play, and I worked really hard to memorize my lines. I was working hard on my lines so I would please my teacher and my parents. Being young, I had a lot of pressure coming from my teacher, Read More

Her first business at age 12

I agree with Joel Salatin that a family-friendly farm is one where the kids are involved with everything. Sure, it takes longer to do chores with a 2 year-old in tow, but it is worth it. Farm kids should be allowed and encouraged to develop their own farm enterprise as soon as possible. If this does not happen, then the farm will always be dad’s farm or mom’s farm, and they might not ever engage. Well the fact is we Read More

Economics must respect community

“When the family is strong, government can be small. When the family is weak, however, the government must compensate for the loss. By focusing on the family, we respect and better the community.” – Dr. Albert Mohler (“Toward a Christian View of Economics”, Tabletalk Magazine, February 2017) Strong families are the answer to big government. Could it be that simple? Yes. Strong families build strong communities. Just think of how many government programs that would not be needed if families Read More

“I got $200 for Christmas and I want to buy…”

The discussion started like this. “Dad, I got $200 for Christmas and birthday, and I want to buy that new American Girl doll.” I paused, trying not to dash her hopes too quickly, and said “well you can do that, or you can save your money and buy a cow.” I made that suggestion mainly because we raise cows on our farm, so I have some experience. Notice I said “some” experience; by no means do I have it all Read More

More than homeschool…

I love homeschool. But what I really love is the lifestyle it affords, mainly one that is centered on family and the home. My bride homeschools our two children (soon to be three), and I work outside the home. One of the main benefits I see with this arrangement is that it allows for more traditional roles of husband and wife.  My role is to serve as spiritual leader of the home and to provide for the material needs of the family. My bride’s role is one primarily Read More

The blessings of a day off during the week

I looked at the weather report Tuesday morning and saw it was going to be a beautiful day and rain was coming this weekend, so I decided to take Tuesday off and get some things done around home. When you work off the farm during the week, Saturdays are the only day you can get some things done, especially in the winter months with the shorter days. I wanted to get one main thing done: complete a new water line from the Read More