You have any bacon for sale?

Customer: “Hey, do you have any bacon for sale?” Me: “No sorry, we have sold out of that, but we still have some pork chops. Customer: “Ok, have a good day.” Conversations like that happen on a regular basis for small farmers like us, and to be honest, it is a source of frustration. The root problem is many people still look at us like a grocery store instead of a farm store which is a uniquely American problem. To Read More

Read this list before you start

Thinking of starting a farm or homestead? I think that’s great idea, so let me give you some advice before you get started. We have been farming for 10 years now, and we are still learning (hard to believe it has been that long). So here is our list: Read books – Anything by Joel Salatin works. His book “You Can Farm” is what started it all for us. His latest “Polyface Micro” is aimed at homesteaders so check it Read More

Mark your calendars

I wanted to drop you a quick note before we head out for morning chores. Good news: we have a limited supply of pork products, and they will be available in our Farm Store next Saturday, January 30 from 10-2.  A lot of you have been asking, so next Saturday is your chance. We have several events planned for 2021, so please mark your calendars. “Just Add Grass” Farm Tours (fun for the whole family!) April 24 May 22 click on this link to learn Read More

Jase took over the camera

I was moving hay on the tractor, so I handed the camera to Jase, and he did a great job. Check our YouTube channel to see what’s been happening on the farm.

Samuel says we have a roller coaster in the pasture

Maybe we do, but you can see for yourself in our latest YouTube video. We are getting some questions about our beef and pig shares for 2020. Make sure you are on our email list so you won’t miss out! Sign up over here >>> Like, comment, subscribe…and enjoy!

Out of stock?

Yes, our regular customers know this, but occasionally we are out of certain products, so what are we out of right now? Whole chickens and pork sausage. Sausage always goes fast, but we still have bacon, center-cut pork chops, and Boston butts. As a farmer, I hate to be out of anything in the Farm Store, but it happens and I have to get over it. Our next whole chickens will be available in the Farm Store on November 30. Read More

Temple Grandin

We watched Temple Grandin last night on Amazon Prime (it’s free). I learned about her a couple months ago after my friends Tony and Betsy Brown (Longview Farms) told me they were going to hear her speak along with Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm in Swoope, VA. What an amazing woman. Her autism allows her to see everything in pictures, and the movie does a great job of describing it. There are so many special gifts God gives us inside Read More

Mechanical vs Physical

I do my best thinking during morning chores, and so I wanted to share a thought from this morning: In the mechanical world, there is a human designer and the machine does whatever it is designed to do, but it finds no joy in its work and it never gets tired (my favorite machine is our John Deere tractor with front-end loader). In the physical world, there is also a designer, but He is not human. The big problem in Read More