I am extremely blessed to have a job I like and one that let’s me try new things. I have worked for the South Carolina fire service since 2001 and have met many wonderful people from across the state. However, farming is in my blood. We live on family property that my grandfather and great-grandfather farmed. Looking back 20 years, if I had know then what I know now, things might have turned out different. But I don’t spend time looking back or thinking about the way things might have been. God is sovereign and His plans are perfect, so I look at my past as a learning experience. What has God taught me along the way? I may try to answer that question in another post, but for now let’s look at current plans. Sunday walks

I am half-way through a state retirement plan, so at this time, I think it would be foolish to walk away from it. Again, I like my job. I am very blessed and God has given a measure of success. Today I find myself thinking about the operations I can start putting in place so that, if I am able to “retire” one day, I could make a decent living farming and have fun doing it. I also consider what’s needed to expand, mainly additional land for pasture. As I continue to learn more about family farming, I consider our children. Maybe my sons will want to do this full-time, or my daughter.  The things I am learning now could give them a great head start one day. They might not want to, and that’s ok too, but at least they will have the option. Operating a grass-based, family farm can be financially stable and fun at the same time.  Producing good food and using direct sales keeps the farm connected to the community. There is a huge opportunity for local growers to find success in today’s food production model that is based on big-business and believes faster is better. We agree “you get what you pay for” when it comes to electronics but what about your food? Yes, it applies there too. I encourage you to do a little digging on how your food is produced. Some of what you will find is scary.

I am not a “doom’s day” guy, and I am not a “preper” but I do think the current American economic climate left unaltered, will one day soon result in a total economic collapse. All debts eventually come due; somebody has to pay. None of this scares me – it has all been done before. Ecclesiastes reminds us “there is nothing new under the sun.” In the light of this, we need to be prepared to provide for ourselves, all the while knowing that God is the one who takes care of us.

That’s where I am today, and it may change tomorrow according to what God has planned. Well, enough writing for today, I have got to go feed the chickens!

“Everyone should farm something.”

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