How do we water livestock with below freezing temps?

We have experienced extreme cold temperatures over the last several days, and we hope we have seen the last of that for a while. Farmers up north and out west deal with this on a regular basis, but not us. Our above ground water system is not much good when it gets down in the teens at night and not over 30º during the day. Our latest YouTube video shows you how we dealt with this.

Jase took over the camera

I was moving hay on the tractor, so I handed the camera to Jase, and he did a great job. Check our YouTube channel to see what’s been happening on the farm.

Samuel says we have a roller coaster in the pasture

Maybe we do, but you can see for yourself in our latest YouTube video. We are getting some questions about our beef and pig shares for 2020. Make sure you are on our email list so you won’t miss out! Sign up over here >>> Like, comment, subscribe…and enjoy!

Our own YouTube channel?

As if we didn’t have enough to do around here, now we have a YouTube channel. Video editing is tough! You can tell by watching the first couple of videos that we have a lot to learn. Oh well, we are willing to give it a try. The channel is brand new, so we only have four subscribers and one of those is me. If you do YouTube, show us some love and subscribe. There are some older videos on the channel Read More