Thinking of starting a farm or homestead? I think that’s great idea, so let me give you some advice before you get started. We have been farming for 10 years now, and we are still learning (hard to believe it has been that long).

So here is our list:

  1. Read books – Anything by Joel Salatin works. His book “You Can Farm” is what started it all for us. His latest “Polyface Micro” is aimed at homesteaders so check it out. No one farmer has it all figured out, so read from several different authors.
  2. Watch videos – Yes, YouTube has plenty of good content for helping you get started, but remember, that content has been edited. You are seeing what the producer wants you to see. There are some YouTube channels that don’t hold back, like our friends from Sow The Land. They are open and honest about their homesteading experience. We even have a YouTube channel (click here), although we are not regular contributors – we just don’t have time.
  3. Visit farms – Go see for yourself how the farm or homestead works. This takes a little more work because you need to locate some farms nearby, contact them and see if it’s ok to visit. If a farm doesn’t allow visitors…then…well you know what that means. And last but not least…
  4. Get started! – Start with something small and simple. Don’t let your first farm enterprise be something exotic. Start with some layers. They are easy to take care of and they will give you great eggs. “Liking” videos and Instagram posts does not make you a homesteader – getting started does.

P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride. Homesteading and farming can be one of the most rewarding pursuits in this life.

Your farmer,

Jason Pope

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