We have several new things planned for Triple J Farm in 2015. I just finished building our first chicken tractor, and can’t wait to purchase and raise our first broilers. I also plan to raise turkeys (seasonal item) for purchase at Thanksgiving and Christmas (I will be taking orders for local pick-up).  I am a “slow and steady” kind of guy so this first round will be more of learning experience.  I plan to start with 25 broilers so I can get a better handle on the process and not get overwhelmed. I also want to increase our egg production so we plan to purchase 100 more layers this spring. Right now, I am working to convert an old boat trailer into a mobile coop.  This will allow me to move the birds around our pastures behind the cows. Moving the layers in behind the cows accomplishes two things: 1. they will spread the manure while they look for grains and other delicacies, and 2. their litter is great fertilizer for the pasture. (Got this idea from Joel Salatin at Polyface Farm, his book “You Can Farm” is a great read.)

Chicken Tractor
10x10x2 Chicken Tractor

Switching gears a little, my daughter got some money for Christmas and birthday and she was thinking of all the things she wanted to buy, mainly dolls. Then I asked her if she thought of saving her money to buy a cow. “What?” she asked. I started to explain how she could buy a bread cow this year, sell the calf next year and make her money back.  She picked up on it right away then started doing some math in her head. I could see the wheels turning. “Dad, I could sell a calf every year and save up a lot of money!” That’s right dear! In five or six years you could have a several thousand dollars saved up with only a small investment up front. It’s wonderful to see a 10 year old start thinking like an investor rather than a consumer. #goodfarmstuff

“Everyone should farm something.”

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