We believe

We believe that all life on the earth was created with purpose and design. Therefore, we believe that human beings have a moral and ethical responsibility when it comes to the food they eat. That’s why we farm the way we do and as a result, we eat meat with a clear conscience knowing that we honored the animal during its life and in its death. We bow our heads before each meal, and we thank our Father in Heaven Read More

Good morning

Good morning, Our Farm Store is OPEN Saturdays from 10-2. Most of our layers are molting so we are out of eggs. We have plenty of our grass-fed ground beef, whole chickens that were raised on pasture, and the best pork products you will ever taste. Our customers tell us that our farm products taste great and of course, that’s true. But how we raise them is what makes the real difference. Our pigs live on grass and wood lots Read More

Now seeking new partners

We are currently seeking new partners. The ideal candidate is concerned first and foremost with health and wholeness. This person acknowledges and understands that the health of our bodies is directly connected to the health of our soil by way of the food we eat. The ideal candidate believes like us that grass-based, chemical-free farms that raise livestock using sustainable practices are the answer to achieving better health for the entire system. Our new partners are willing to support Triple Read More

We believe…

We believe that raising livestock in a chemical-free, grass-based environment is the answer to healing our planet and our bodies. It is no coincidence that so many people today are chemically dependent; our farm land has been that way for years. Nature is trying to tell us that chemicals don’t fix anything. Just google “Dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.” The land is a living, breathing organism, and we are connected to it by what and how we eat. Read More

Local food prices

If you could buy all your meats and produce from a local farm, why wouldn’t you? Everyone agrees local food is better quality, more nutritious, and it tastes better. The answer nine times out of ten is price. Local food costs too much. Yet those same folks that claim the price is too high somehow find money for satellite TV, soft drinks, new cars, annual trips to Disney and the list goes on. So is it possible that the issue Read More

Sometimes I have to slow down

Sometimes I get in such a hurry that I forget to slow down and enjoy the moment. Most of you know that I still have an off-the-farm job, and so weekday mornings are usually very busy as I work to get chores done before getting cleaned up and heading to town. If I happen to get a late start and get behind, I can easily become agitated at just any little thing: the four-wheeler won’t start, or the fence charger Read More

Come feel the difference

The Earth was created with design and order, and at Triple J Farm, we embrace that design as we find it displayed for us in nature. On our farm, we work with nature and not against it. That means we are committed to healing the land and not destroying it. There is a direct connection between human health and soil health, at least for those of us who eat. We see ourselves as land stewards, seeking to improve soil health Read More

Loading cows

Last Thursday evening, I loaded up three cows that I would be taking to the processor early Friday morning, and the entire process took about ten minutes. It was quick and easy. Now when you hear most folks talk about sorting and loading cows, you hear horror stories about how difficult it can be. “That steer wouldn’t load, that heifer went crazy, this calf hollered all night,” and so on. To be clear, we have experienced that too, but not Read More

It Matters

It matters how we treat the earth. We are to be good stewards and leave the land better than we found it. It matters how we raise our animals. Our animals should be allowed to express their natural proclivities. It matters how we treat our bodies. Our bodies are fearfully and wonderfully made. It matters how we farm. Do no harm.