Now seeking new partners

We are currently seeking new partners. The ideal candidate is concerned first and foremost with health and wholeness. This person acknowledges and understands that the health of our bodies is directly connected to the health of our soil by way of the food we eat. The ideal candidate believes like us that grass-based, chemical-free farms that raise livestock using sustainable practices are the answer to achieving better health for the entire system. Our new partners are willing to support Triple Read More

My fitness story

I have always been physically active.  I am an avid outdoorsman, so farming, hunting and fishing keep me busy away from work. However, a 40-hour per week office job has a way of catching up with you.  That’s what happened to me.  So in July of 2013, after being inspired by a friend (at that time, he had lost about 40 pounds) I decided something had to give, so I made the decision to change my lifestyle, and I set Read More