My interview with Tony and Betsey Brown of Longview Farms

I met Tony and Betsey Brown during the Polyface Farms Intensive Discovery Seminar in July of 2016. We stayed in touch after the seminar and continue to share stories and lessons learned about our journey towards sustainable farming. I had the chance to interview them, and you can listen to it below. You can find them on the web at and on Instagram @longviewfarmsfl. Hope you enjoy the show.

You can watch the highlights from my recent trip to Polyface Farms

I attended the Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminar on July 18-19, 2016. It was an amazing learning experience. Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip possible. – Jason You can watch the highlights here:

New “Everyone should farm something” t-shirts

Share our vision with one of our “Everyone should farm something” t-shirts. They are green because grass is green. Local folks can pick one up the next time you stop by for eggs or poultry. Otherwise you can buy one online through Ebay, and we will mail it you. The shirts are $15 each (XXL $17). Here is the Ebay link: Thank you for supporting us!    

Our first poultry processing day

Saturday was our first poultry processing day at Triple J Farm. I must say, it was amazing. I am so thankful for a family who supports this farming adventure. There is something very special about raising your own broilers and processing them yourself on the farm. We learned a lot this first go around. It took three guys four hours to process forty birds – not too bad for first-timers. Several folks had asked about coming out to watch, but Read More

Starting over with our first batch of broilers

Last Tuesday we took delivery of our first batch of cornish-cross broilers. The family was excited to welcome these 50 little chicks to our farm.  We had never raised this many chicks at one time. The most we ever raised at one time was about 20. In the brooder, we had fresh water, non-GMO feed, good bedding and two heat lamps. Everything looked good as we watched the chicks get used to their new home. Wednesday morning, I went out Read More

Exciting times we are in

Sorry for the Yoda-ish title, but my family loves the Star Wars movies, and I believe what the title says.  These are oddly enough, exciting times in America. I will start with a reminder: ALL of human history is about what God is doing with His people. Every other story is secondary. So in America, we have to ask “what is God doing with His people?” The American church has become fat and lazy, and I think God is putting Read More

“We like what you’re doing and want to help”

That’s the way the conversation started. You may or may not know, but a couple of weeks ago, I shared my desire to attend one of the Polyface Intensive Discovery Seminars (PIDS) in Swoope, VA.  These two-day seminars are led by the one and only Joel Salatin, and attendees get to experience the Polyface way of farming, hands-on, and eat three meals a day with them on the farm. Past attendees say the food alone is worth the fee. Anyway, Read More