We believe

We believe that all life on the earth was created with purpose and design. Therefore, we believe that human beings have a moral and ethical responsibility when it comes to the food they eat. That’s why we farm the way we do and as a result, we eat meat with a clear conscience knowing that we honored the animal during its life and in its death. We bow our heads before each meal, and we thank our Father in Heaven Read More

Good morning

Good morning, Our Farm Store is OPEN Saturdays from 10-2. Most of our layers are molting so we are out of eggs. We have plenty of our grass-fed ground beef, whole chickens that were raised on pasture, and the best pork products you will ever taste. Our customers tell us that our farm products taste great and of course, that’s true. But how we raise them is what makes the real difference. Our pigs live on grass and wood lots Read More