Are you ready for some real food?

Here at Triple J Farm, we go the extra mile to grow and produce the best beef, poultry, eggs and pork possible. Everything we do is grass-based, and all the animals move around the farm regularly. They are here today, and there tomorrow – everything moves! We don’t use any chemicals in the process, and our animals don’t do drugs. As a result, we produce premium products and they bring premium prices. Why do people believe that statement “You get what you pay for” except when it comes to food? I have told first-time visitors “If you are looking for cheap food, just keep on driving.”

As Fall approaches, consider visiting the farm one Saturday. Bring your cooler and stock up on fresh eggs, grass-fed ground beef and non-GMO chicken. We even have local, whole milk from Countryside Creamery. In October, we will start offering our own pork products (sausage, chops and more). We have an open-door policy, and you are welcome here anytime. If you want me to show you around and explain everything, consider attending one of our tours. Full disclosure: there is a cost to attend these, but it is extremely reasonable.

For me, each day is new adventure. Come be a part of something special!

Your farmer,

Jason Pope

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