“Just Add Grass” Tour Dates:

  • There are no tour dates scheduled at this time.
  • Please email us if you would like to schedule a group tour.

Costs: $15 per person, children 8 and under are free (children must be accompanied by an adult). Each tour starts promptly at 10:00am and will last about an hour and a half.

Farm Rules during your tour:

  1. Leave every gate like you found it.
  2. Re-read rule number 1 so you don’t forget it.
  3. Treat all electric fence (smooth aluminum wire) as if it is HOT!
  4. Unattended children may get eaten by the pigs.
  5. Please don’t tamper with water lines, waterers and feeders.
  6. Have fun and ask questions!

Here is a basic overview of our operations with information about each:

  1. Broilers
    • We raise cornish-cross meat birds.
    • It takes eight weeks to get them to processing size.
    • They start in the brooder and stay there two and half to three weeks.
    • Then they move them out onto pasture for the remainder of the time.
    • We use portable shelters to protect the birds, and we move the shelters every day (yes, every day).
    • We process the chickens right here on the farm, and they taste great! You can take one home with you!
  2. Layers
    • We have mixed breeds of laying hens ranging from Barred Rock to Golden Comets.
    • Our kids gather the eggs every day, and we do refrigerate them.
    • We move the chickens to fresh pasture once a week using the eggmobile and portable electric netting.
    • The netting protects them from ground predators and keeps them together.
  3. Cows
    • We have mixed breeds of beef cows, and they only eat grass (hay in the winter).
    • We sell most of our beef by the pound in our Farm Store.
    • We practice rotational grazing, and we move the cows every day or so using portable electric fencing.
  4. Pigs
    • We start them out near the house until they are trained to electric fencing.
    • Once trained, we will move them around the farm as well.
    • The waterers, feeder, and shelter are all homemade and portable.