Happy New Year!

I wanted to take a minute to update y’all on our plans for the upcoming year:
  • We are going to offer pastured beef for the first time.  We have never done this so I will offer a few thoughts.  Our cows only eat grass.  The meat will no doubt taste different than what you get at the grocery store, but isn’t that what you want? A grass-fed cow that was raised locally with no hormones or antibiotics will offer a better product for you and your family. We will offer whole and half cow, and I estimate the price will be around $4.00 per pound. Please let me know if you are interested as there will be limited supply.
  • Pastured poultry is coming to Triple J. Our plan was to offer this last year, but it just never happened. Too much going on. Anyway, if you’ve never tried a pasture raised chicken, you are missing out. The first batch of birds should be ready in May. The birds will be processed on the farm, and you will need to pick them up on the afternoon of the processing day (usually a Saturday). Only whole birds will be offered. More information on pricing is coming.
  • Thank you to everyone who has supported our egg operation. As you know, the egg production drops in winter months, but we have tried to keep most of you happy with regular supply, even though it may be less.  We anticipate production to increase as the days get longer and springtime rolls around. Thanks for your patience.
Winter time is slow on a grass farm, but we did get several projects done over the Christmas break. We added a 20′ x 20′ shed onto an existing building that will eventually become our farm store.  You can see the pics on our Instagram feed.  We encourage folks to visit the farm, so please come by and see us. Weekends will probably be better as I still work off the farm during the week.
Thanks for eating local!

Your farmer,

Jason Pope

4 thoughts on “Farm update, January 2016”

  1. Hi Jason I am friends with your cousin Amy Nelson – we are interested in half a cow when you are ready.

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