You have any bacon for sale?

Customer: “Hey, do you have any bacon for sale?” Me: “No sorry, we have sold out of that, but we still have some pork chops. Customer: “Ok, have a good day.” Conversations like that happen on a regular basis for small farmers like us, and to be honest, it is a source of frustration. The root problem is many people still look at us like a grocery store instead of a farm store which is a uniquely American problem. To Read More

Let’s talk about eggs!

For starters, local farmers like us don’t make money from eggs, they are simply a gateway product to the other items we offer. A couple years ago, we had several customers that only bought eggs from us. Those customers don’t really help us, so we raised the price from $3 to $4, and they stopped buying from us. Last year, a 50lb bag of layer feed went from $11 to $17 in a matter of months. That’s over a 50% Read More