My name is Jason Pope, and this my wife Karen (photo credit @sixberryfarm). We live on and farm land that has been in my family for four generations, so yes, we have deep roots here. We started farming in the Spring of 2011 with the purchase of our first four cows. Then sometime in early 2014, my pastor’s wife gave me a book title “You Can Farm” by Joel Salatin. I had never heard of Joel Salatin, but once I read the book, everything starting changing. I look at cows differently now. In fact I look at all animals differently now. I also look at our food system differently, and that’s why we decided to participate in the local food production system.

We now raise all of our own beef, pork, poultry and eggs on about 25 acres of pasture, and we are blessed to have a farm store on site where folks can purchase our farm products. We process and package the broilers right here on the farm, and the beef and pork are processed at a USDA facility in Kingstree, SC.

I still work an off-the-farm job, and Karen homeschools our three children, Emma Grace, Jase, and Samuel. On average, for at least five of the seven days during the week, we eat three meals a day together around the kitchen table. Meal times are special as we enjoy each other’s company and eat great food. We use our kitchen.

We believe that all life on the earth was created with purpose and design. Therefore, we believe that human beings have a moral and ethical responsibility when it comes to the food they eat. That’s why we farm the way we do and as a result, we eat meat with a clear conscience knowing that we honored the animal during its life and in its death. We bow our heads before each meal, and we thank our Father in Heaven for how He sustains our lives here and in the life to come.

Our farm store is open Saturdays from 10-2, and we can meet you at other times by appointment if needed. We would love to meet you, so please stop by one Saturday.

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