I love homeschool. But what I really love is the lifestyle it affords, mainly one that is centered on family and the home. My bride homeschools our two children (soon to be three), and I work outside the home. One of the main benefits I see with this arrangement is that it allows for more traditional roles of husband and wife.  My role is to serve as spiritual leader of the home and to provide for the material needs of the family. My bride’s role is one primarily of homemaker and teacher. We did not start out trying to achieve this, it just happened over time. My wife and I are different people than we were six years ago (that’s when our son was born, and she stopped working outside the home).  Our lives have become more simple for various reasons. Since we only have a single income source, we do without many of the extras: satellite TV, eating out, fancy vacations, etc.  My bride has time to plan for and make healthy meals for our family; what a blessing!  She participates in several coops that allow her to provide farm-fresh produce and dairy products. We eat most every dinner meal together, around the kitchen table (no TV, no smart phone, just us), and we have family devotions afterwards. The way I look at, we gave up the things you have to pay for to get the things you can’t pay for.
Our home has been transformed. Our home is a special place, and I think our children will see that over time. Homes are to be places of refuge in this fallen world. Home is where things are supposed to make sense when nothing else in life does.  I thank the Lord every day for this opportunity and trust He will always provide for our needs because the Bible tells me so.

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