I seek your prayers as I consider taking another seminary class this fall at CIU.  I took Systematic Theology I with Dr. Hodges in the fall semester 2012, which I don’t think would have been possible without my church’s financial assistance.  I did not take a class this spring, however I am looking at two classes this fall: Systematic Theology II (online – scares me!), and Bible 5112 (Genesis to Song of Solomon). Would you consider supporting me financially? We are prepared to pay half the tuition of the first class ($750).  Yes, each class costs $1,500. That is higher than most students because I am only attending part-time, therefore I do not qualify for scholarships or financial aid.  I still have not decided whether or not I can handle two classes at a time, even if one class is online.  Balancing family, job, church life, farming and seminary is difficult, so I covet your continued prayers.

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