I am grateful for the privilege to attend the 41st General Assembly of the PCA. This is my first GA, and overall, I am very pleased with my experience. I attended several seminars, all of which, were extremely beneficial and well done. I especially appreciate Dr. Reeder’s comment in his “Revival Preaching” seminar where he reminded ruling elders to do their job so teaching elders can do theirs. He also reminded us to protect our pastor by providing him sufficient time to study. The exhibit hall was full of valuable resources, and I had some great talks with several exhibitors. The assembly meetings were eye-opening, and I quickly realized how little I know about parliamentary procedures. It was very easy for me to get lost in the proceedings, which made it difficult to keep track of the business. Many votes had to be counted manually because they were so close. That tells me, as an assembly, we seem to be extremely divided on some issues. As a ruling elder, I am very thankful for my pastor and others like him, who follow closely the issues facing our denomination. I would love to know other elder’s thoughts on the apparent division on so many issues/votes.

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