The Easter Bunny forgot us

The Easter Bunny did not visit my kids last night.  The closest we have is my daughter’s real “bunny” rabbit that lives in the shed. The Easter Bunny didn’t stop by our house for the same reason Santa doesn’t stop by in December.  The Easter Bunny is another example of how the world tries to distract from the true meaning of this Holiday by offering a substitute character that appeals to kids. Today, Christians celebrate the Risen Savior Jesus Christ, Read More

Welcome to Farm Family SC

I have always wanted to farm. We lived on about 30 acres, and I knew we needed to “do” something with it. At one point, my dad suggested planting pine trees, but I have seen too many nice fields and pastures get turned into pine plantations and I didn’t want that. I decided to get some cows. I grew up with cows all around the house, and many neighbors have cows.  So starting in late 2007 I began designing, in Read More